3 Things Most Brazilians Don’t Realize about American Culture

american-flag-and-sunVisitors to the USA from Brazil often arrive with specific expectations. America and the people who live there have a reputation for being big, bold, and brash. But as many Brazilians realize after arriving in the country, that’s not always the case.

Here are three important things about the USA and American culture that many Brazilians don’t realize until they arrive there.

Football Is King

From early September until late January, Americans are obsessed with football. But it’s not the type of futbol most Brazilians know, which in the US is known as “soccer” and is not very popular.

In the US, American football is all over the TV every weekend, with teams representing every major city and most colleges competing against each other in a clash of violence, speed, and agility. Lots of Americans love to cheer on their favorite teams while watching on big screen TVs, drinking beer, and eating junk foods.

Politics Is Divisive

In the USA, there are only two major political parties. Conservatives are called Republicans and liberals are called Democrats. But compared to political parties in many other countries, both parties actually lean more toward the center than the radical fringe.

Political differences really become apparent every four years, when there is a nationwide presidential election, the next of which is scheduled for November of 2016.

Celebrity Obsessed

People in the USA love to follow the activities of their favorite celebrities. Even national news programs routinely include stories about the private lives of movie stars, musicians, sports figures, politicians billionaires, and other famous people.

While the US doesn’t believe in the monarchy — unlike the British who are obsessed with the Royal Family — many Americans often treat their favorite celebrities as if they were royalty.

Despite their differences, most Americans are friendly and outgoing toward Brazilian visitors and are anxious to learn more about foreign cultures.