Advogada de imigração – What Exactly Is ‘Immigration Law’?

Immigration LawyerMany people who contact Castro Law Group are seeking help with their immigration status. But immigration law is a specialized area that even many attorneys who don’t work in the field don’t know much about.

So what exactly is “immigration law”, anyway?

Advogada de Imigração — Immigration Law Defined

Immigration law is simply the rules that were created by the US government for determining which people are allowed to enter the country, and for how long they are allowed to stay.

Immigration law also governs the naturalization process for those people who want to become permanent US citizens.

Another important area of immigration law has to do with people from other countries who enter the US without the proper permissions or documentation, who overstay the terms of their visa, or who somehow lose their legal status to remain in the country.

Advogada de Imigração — What We Do

At Castro Law Group, we can help you with all of these types of matters. We also help people who have been detained by federal, state, or local government law enforcement agencies and throughout their removal proceedings and other legal court matters.

In the US, there are three federal agencies that are responsible for administering and enforcing immigration laws. The first is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, which is the agency that investigates people who are suspected of breaking immigration laws and will prosecute offenders.

The second is the US Citizenship and Immigration  Service, or the USCIS, which is responsible for handling applications for legal immigration.

The third is the Customs and Border Protection agency, or CBP, which keeps the country’s borders secure. All three of these agencies fall under the Department of Homeland Security.

At Castro Law Group, we can help you work with each or all of these agencies to resolve your legal immigration matters.