IN THE NEWS – Immigrants’ rights at risk under new rule

Immigrants’ rights may be at risk now more than ever, in the wake of the controversial completion quota for immigration judges imposed by the Department of Justice.

Renata Castro, Esq., immigration attorney in Pompano Beach, Florida, and founding partner of Castro Legal Group was interviewed by the prestigious portal Bigger Law Firm to discuss the legal ramifications for immigrants in the court system.

The new imposition by the Department of Justice, under the guidance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, ties judicial compensation to the number of cases completed per year. 

The name partner of Castro Legal Group discussed the impact of the quotas on a judge’s propensity to give respondents time to resolve other immigration procedings which could result in lawful immigrant status, instead of deportation.

According to Renata Castro, Esq., the goal of these quotas is to “conclusively deprive immigrants of due process by undermining their only shot at a day in court.”

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